E-mail: art.maxromanenko@gmail.com

Cell phone: +7 911 7039661

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia

Max Romanenko, b. 1987 in Khabarovsk, is an photographer based in St. Petersburg, Russia. His work mainly concentrates on exploration of the human body and landscape. He works with plasticity and body movement, its sculptural character. He practices yoga and movement, working with his body. There is a direct connection, which is realized as work on oneself, with oneself and through other people, visualizing and connecting the inner and outer world.


2023 Layout of author's photo book purchased from the library of the «Garage» Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia, curated by Maria Morina

2021 Center for Contemporary Art ''Typography'', book exhibition of the winners of the PhotoVisa PhotoBook, Krasnodar, Russia, curated by Maria Goldman

2021 PENNLAB Gallery, ''Herbarium'' group exhibition, Moscow, Russia, curated by Elena Anosova, Anastasia Tsayder, Petr Antonov

2020 Shortlisted for LensCulture and PhotoVisa Photobook with book ''Volta'' curated by Maria Morina

2019 ''Enigmatic'' personal exposition, Hefei, China, curated by Irina Chmyreva

2019 ''Between'' group exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia, curated by Ekaterina Bogachevskaya

2019 ''Line of light in shadow nothing» group exhibition, Pingyao, China, curated by Irina Chmyreva

2019 Young photographers of Russia, Kaluga, Russia

2019 Gallery U. ''Vector» group exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia

2018 ''Memory map», group exhibition, curated by Arthur Bondar and Oksana Yushko, 'Fotografika gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2016 Gallery of Borey, St. Petersburg, personal exhibition ''Escape''


2019 Project ''Voltа'' portfolio special mention Urbanautica call ''SACRED. THE EXPERIENCE OF BEYOND'', 2019 

2019 F-stop Magazine online group exhibition ''Alternative Portrait», Issue #93 and ''Animals», Issue #94

2019 Don’t take pictures magazine, online group exhibition ‘'Self- portraiture»


2017−2018 two year program at Academy of documentary

photography and photojournalism ''Fotografika», St. Petersburg, Russia