Female portraits are figures reminiscent of the found Paleolithic Venus. 

Blurring of bodies as a phenomenon of discrimination against those who do not fit into generally accepted standards of appearance. 

The system dictates the standards of appearance and it can condemn them. 

The figures are like frozen movements of sculptures, showing how beauty has changed at all times. 

Everything that is considered beautiful is imposed from the outside. Being on a desert island it is impossible to determine whether you are fat or thin. 

Hypertrophic signs of sex, as a symbol of the ever-changing canons of sexuality. Expressed sexuality can be conscious and voluntary, and can be imposed by society. Understand what is initially difficult. 

Nudity symbolizes openness and at the same time pain and insecurity from condemnation. But the reason is not hidden in the actions and appearance of other people, but in our attitude towards them. The effort is to recognize by the appearance of the person himself.